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Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta



Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta

Date: December 26 - December 30, 2012

Time: All Day

Location: Coral Reef Yacht Club, Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, U.S. Sailing Center

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2011 Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta Results

The Laser Full-Rig class had some very competitive “Olympic type” racing going on. For the leader, Greg Martinez from Texas Corinthian Yacht Club outside of Houston, it was his 4th and last Orange Bowl. He won it by 18 points. “It is a good way to end it,” he said. “My favorite thing about the OB is all the new sailors…the new faces.” Eighteen year-old Greg plans to sail varsity next year in college. Eric Lawrence, Dodge Rees and Luke Muller followed him in the results.

In the 99 boat Laser Radial Class, Michigan’s Mitchell Kiss held onto first place with a 15 point lead. Avery Fanning from South Carolina was second with Puerto Rico’s Juan Perdomo in third place. Erika Reineke from Lauderdale Yacht Club was the top girl.

Florida’s St. Petersburg Yacht Club dominated the Laser 4.7 class with Patrick Shanahan, Liam McCarthy and Nic Baird in the top three.

The beginner (and younger) Optimist Green Fleet was “ladies first” with Miami’s Julia Johannson (age 10) winning it all. Despite her challenging last two races, she managed to hold on to her lead over Santiago Pacheco from Santo Domingo and Alex Gonzalez from Florida’s Upper Keys and still won by 19 points.

The Optimist Red/Blue/White class lived up to its spirited image with the top three sailors finishing 3 points apart. Will Logue started out the day in 1st place but his 20th place in the last race pushed him down to 3rd. Blue Fleeter Henry Marshall and Blue Fleeter Wiley Rogers passed him with finishes in the last two races totaling 6 points and 8 points.

The 420s had a tight regatta with only 11 points between the top three teams. Chicago Yacht Club’s Alex Curtiss and Daniel Ron won it all followed by Charlie Lalumiere and Elizabeth Pemberton from Portland, Maine in 2nd and Jack Jorgensen and Savanna Brown from Santa Barbara, California were 3rd. The top 420 All-Girl Team was Allyson Donahue and Maddie Widmeier from Brigantine Yacht Club in New Jersey.

The trophies included the Magnus Liljedahl Sportsmanship Award. Magnus is CRYC’s Olympic Gold Medalist sailor. His award is for courteous actions and fairness with other competitors and the Race Committee. There were 41 nominations. This year it was presented to a team from California who were helpful to their fellow sailors by coaching them prior to the start. They also stood out when they were disqualified by a Black Flag (over the line early) and came back by the Race Committee Signal Boat to apologize for possibly leading others over the line early. They were Chris Villicich and Nikki Obel from Marina del Rey.

Optimist Green (56 boats) – 13 races
1. Julia Johansson (Miami’s CRYC) 4-3-2-1-1-8-4-8-1-1-15-[39]-[40] (48);
2. Santiago Pacheco (Santo Domingo, DOM) 1-1-5-6-9-6-1-13-14-[15]-2-9-[36] (67);
3. Alex Gonzalez (Florida’s Upper Keys Sailing Club) 12-2-8-7-8-[19]-7-1-13-4-11-1-[34] (74)

Optimist Red/Blue/White (206 boats) – 9 races
1. Henry Marshall (Boston, MA) 2-1-11-1-5-1-[19]-3-3 (27)
2. Wiley Rogers…(Houston, TX) 1-7-[27]-4-1-5-3-7-1 (29)
3. Will Logue (CT) 6-2-1-2-4-1-10-4-[20] (30)
Optimist Red Top sailor - Will Logue from Connecticut
Optimist Blue Top sailor - Henry Marshall from Boston, Massachusetts
Optimist White Top sailor - Dylan Ascencio from Galveston, Texas
Top Optimist Girl was Audrey Giblin from Oceanpoint, New Jersey.
Magnus Liljedahl Sportsmanship Award - Chris Villicich and Nikki Obel from Marina del Rey.

420s (76 boats) – 10 races
1. Alex Curtiss and Daniel Ron (Illinois) 1-11-6-4-6-8-2-3-[34]-5 (46);
2. Charlie Lalumiere and Elizabeth Pemberton (Maine) 2-[23]-4-9-1-4-7-4-10-10 (51);
3. Jack Jorgensen and Savanna Brown (California) 3-3-2-8-10-13-13-2-3-[32] (57)
Top 420 All Girl Team – Allyson Donahue and Maddie Widmeier from Brigantine Yacht Club in New Jersey

Laser Full Rig (28 boats) – 10 races
1. Greg Martinez (Houston, Texas) 1-1-1-1-1-1-3-[7]-2-1 (12);
2. Eric Lawrence (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) 2-2-2-2-2-[OCS]-2-9-5-4 (30);
3. Dodge Rees (Pensacola, Florida) 4-5-3-4-[16]-6-6-5-3-9 (44)

Laser Radial(99 boats) – 11 races
1. Mitchell Kiss (Michigan) 1-4-[11]-2-3-7-5-7-4-1-3 (37);
2. Avery Fanning (South Carolina) 11-8-7-4-4-8-[OCS]-2-1-3-4 (52);
3. Juan Perdomo (Puerto Rico) [OCS]-1-1-3-2-2-8-1-23-5-22 (68)
Top Laser Radial Girl (27 boats) is Erika Reineke from Lauderdale Yacht Club

Laser 4.7 (18 boats) – 10 races
1. Patrick Shanahan (SPYC) 3-4-7-5-2-1-2-1-[15]-4 (29);
2. Liam McCarthy (SPYC) 1-1-4-3-[13]-2-3-7-9-3 (33);
3. Nic Baird (SPYC) 7-6-6-4-[12]-6-1-3-1-5 (39)

The regatta, an Orange Bowl Festival event, is hosted by Coral Reef Yacht Club (CRYC) in cooperation with Lauderdale Yacht Club (LYC), Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, Shake-A-Leg Miami and the US Sailing Center Miami. It is a huge undertaking with over 150 volunteers from the support clubs plus landside volunteers from the Orange Bowl Committee. The Regatta Chair Henry Chau says he could not have done it all without Assistant Chair Pat Ficaro, Wendy Kamilar and PC Carol Ewing. The Principle Race Officers were CRYC’s Bill Scheuermann – Optimist Green Fleet, CRYC’s Jaime Ramon – Optimist Red/Blue/White, Club 420 Fleet, CRYC's Jane Anne Pincus (in her 14th year as PRO), and LYC’s Tom Lihan. Chief Judge was CRYC’s Sharon Bourke.